International Network Telematic Environments (INTELE)

International Network Telematic Environments (INTELE)

The INTELE project’s objective is to interlink all the previous activities of the TMA and its partners in an efficient way, and to build a transnational network to connect telematically the public interactive locations (world culture virtual spaces) based on camera- motion-sensing systems EyeCon (Frieder Weiß) and to expand them transcontinentally.
It implies:

  • both artistic use and technical and constructional extension of the Interactive Pavilion in the city centre of Dresden
  • further temporary and particularly efficient connection of the Interactive Pavilion with similar configured locations in Europe, and with other places in Australia, Asia, Africa, Canada, South America and the USA
  • artistic experiments and use of (networked) virtual environments (interactive image-sound rooms) for multidisciplinary installations and interactive stages
  • holding workshops, trainee programs, artistic presentations and performances
  • and permanent project/network development, fundraising and building up of corresponding infrastructure.

Tele-Plateaus as performative test at the CYNETart_07encounter within the INTELE project Supported by Dresden Innovation Fund for Art and Media Technology (DIF), this year’s festival CYNETart_07encounter will be integrated into a long-term artistic experiment and research process. The performative installation Tele-Plateaus explores and links various earthly and „electronic“ virtual space-time situations. The first complex realization of the Tele-Plateaus project is going to be conducted in Hellerau and at other places of the world from 21st to 25th November 2007 as a public transnational/transcontinental installation for virtual image-sound interaction between the visitors of CYNETart and other networked places. The Tele-Plateau in Hellerau provides a platform for experimental artistic performances. In the Festival Hall Hellerau, the main location of that transnational/ transcontinental event, actions at other places that will be telepresent in real time will be integrated into multidimensional installation Tele-Plateaus as audiovisual processes.

Spanning goals of the INTELE project

  • testing and advancement of physically perceivable world citizenship based on horizontal linking potential of the internet technologies
  • creation of historically new public spaces as communal places of global presence (Global-Community-Locations)
  • transnational and transcontinental encounter of different cultures, lifestyles, ways of perception and artistic concepts
  • establishing of interconnections between corporally presence, telepresence and „avapresence“ within interactive network and game environments (e.g. Second Life)
  • research and creation of exemplary interactive „stages“ of a 21st century „theater“ allowing new relations between corporeality and virtuality (Tele-Stage-Project)
  • transdisciplinary application, testing and development of new technologies for creation of multiperspective, relational and nonlinear possibilities of communication, perception and interaction as a prerequisite for consciously and actively lived world citizenship
  • relativization of totalitarianism, dualism and (national/ethic/individual) egocentrism and underlying linear-causal thought patterns as well

Telematic Tests


  • based on network-supported real-time connection of bodily(presence) accessible/researchable/explorable plateaus in the Festival Hall Hellerau and other European, American and Australian cities First Life & Second Life
  • provides connections between bodily actions with virtual game environments (characters, environments, avatars) body-time-lines
  • based on „theatrically“ real-time guided overlapping of different time levels within a performative process.

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